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Five things you should do when getting your toddler ready for a big bed

In your toddler’s life, making the move from a crib to a big kid bed might at first seem a little overwhelming. If you’ve recently been shopping for kids beds because your kid is growing out of his or her crib, you should put thought into how you can help your toddler through the transition.

The following re five things you should do when getting your toddler ready for regular kids beds after graduating from a crib:

Make sure your toddler is really ready

You don’t necessarily have to move your toddler into regular kids beds immediately once he or she turns 2. It may be best to wait a while if your child is particularly attached to the crib or hasn’t yet outgrown the crib. Be patient with your child. It’s not uncommon for kids to wait until they are 3 or older to graduate to regular kids beds after the crib.

Let your toddler have some choice in which bed

One thing that might make the transition easier and might make your child more willing to embrace the transition is let your toddler go shopping for Kids beds Incy Interiors with you. If your child has some say in which bed you choose, he or she might enjoy greater satisfaction and even be excited about the change.
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Put the new bed in the same place as the old bed

Minimize the amount of changes your child has to deal with regarding kids beds by making sure that you place the new bed where the original crib was located. Consistency is generally good when you’re introducing a child to changes. If you move furniture at the same time you make the transition to kids beds with your toddler, it could create confusion and frustration for your child.

Place some comfort items around to make the transition easier

Even though your toddler’s old blankets are probably not going to fit on new big kids beds, you should still try to transition some familiar comfort items over to the new bed. For example, you can bring some favorite stuffed animals or familiar old blankets onto the bed. Talk to your toddler about what blankets or other comfort items he or she would like to have on the bed to be more comfortable and get used to the change.

Spend some quality time with your toddler before bed for the first few nights

You can make the transition easier by simply being present on the first few nights when your child sleeps in new kids beds at after being accustomed to a crib. This transition is a great chance for you to spend some quality time with your toddler and maybe even introduce some bedtime story time traditions. Consider staying with your child and reading with your child until he or she falls asleep. This way, you know that your child is getting rest and before long won’t notice the difference of the new bed.

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