Kids Beds for your Growing Kids

Kids Beds

When your baby is no longer a baby it’s time to start shopping around for kids beds. While the transition may be bittersweet, it will be practically impossible not to get excited when you see how delighted your child is to become more grown up.

As a parent you will probably be at least a little apprehensive about the change. However, you can make shopping for kids beds a lot less stressful by knowing what to look for and how to choose the right type of bed.

The first criterion is to be sure you pick a new bed that will be safe, comfortable and support your youngster’s developing body. Children will typically transition from their crib to Kids Beds Incy Interiors somewhere between two and three years of age, give or take a few months.

The second criterion, to save you from having to buy a new bed in a couple of years, is to choose a bed your youngster can grow into. You can find smaller-sized kids beds designed specifically for children, but a full-size bed may be the better choice.

The twin is a common mattress size for kids’ beds and twin-size beds are available in a variety of styles and designs ranging from cool race-car and tree-house themes to bunk beds. However, if you have the room, a queen-size bed is probably the best choice. This option works great for cuddling up with your young one at story time and will also last your child all the way though high school. The larger-size beds are also more practically for active sleepers.

Doctors typically suggest going with a firm mattress when buying kids’ beds, as it will provide better support for growing bones. Though a higher-priced mattress does not always mean higher quality, the least-expensive mattresses will usually provide the least amount of support.

Though it may seem a bit counter intuitive, you should choose a mattress before selecting the bed. This is because the mattress is much more important for your child to get a good night’s sleep. Other mattress options, like memory foam or traditional coil springs, are entirely up to you and your child.
Penny bed - queen
Another option in kids’ beds is a transition model, commonly referred to as a “toddler” bed, you can find these at These beds are just a bit larger than a crib, but with the look and feel of a traditional bed. Toddler beds are lower to the ground than a standard bed and are a very affordable short-term solution.

Many toddler-size kids’ beds also come with detectable safety rails that slide up and can be folded down out of the way. Also, some cribs are designed to convert to a toddler bed for transitioning to a bigger, full-size bed, so check your current crib before deciding to buy a toddler bed.

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